Tarsoft Internship

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Tarsoft Internship


Are you looking for internship placement? Let’s get onboard with us!

Get To Know More About Us / About Us (Introduction)

A little bit about the company. A startup company called Tarsoft Sdn Bhd was founded in August 2022. Tarsoft is located at Seksyen 16, Shah Alam. Tarsoft provides several services including IT & Soft Skills, Web & Mobile Apps, Web & E-commerce, Software Development, Digital Marketing and Tech Support.

Our Adventure (Internship Experience)

Many internships available and open at Tarsoft consist of business analyst, system analyst, software engineer, mobile apps engineer and QA engineer. Each of you will be assigned to one of the departments according to your qualification and you will have 4 to 6 months to complete the internship at Tarsoft. On the basis of the department’s job scope, you will be given the tasks throughout your internship. During my internship period, I got the opportunity to work as a QA Engineer trainee for 5 months. I was able to complete several system testing and documentation including User Acceptance Test (UAT), Provisional Acceptance Test (PAT), Final Acceptance Test (FAT), user manual and others. Besides, each of you must fulfill the internship requirements at Tarsoft by learning basic Laravel framework, Git, Flutter mobile application as well as get training experience. Not just that, you also have a chance to participate and join the company sport activities like badminton and bowling.

Why should you choose us? / What do you need to know about us? (Internship Benefits)

We should be your first choice because Tarsoft gives you access to a real working environment where you can handle real projects and collaborate with actual clients. Apart from that, you will acquire new skills, expand your knowledge as well as gain new experience in a variety of different fields, not just in IT. Furthermore, Tarsoft offers internship allowances for interns and allows you to dress in smart casual for work every day.

Our Prerequisite / What do we need? (Internship Requirements)

You must possess a diploma or degree certificate in IT, Business, Human Resource, Finance, Digital Marketing or related fields with an availability of 4 to 6 months internship period.  If you work in or are genuinely interested in the IT industry, you are eligible to apply for an internship with Tarsoft. Having extra talents such as understanding basic programming language, ability to edit video, and interacting with clients will be advantageous for you. In the meantime, it would be advantageous to join us if you have a positive attitude such as being disciplined, being punctual, respecting others and obeying orders. Last but not least, if you excel during your internship, you may have the opportunity to get hired by the company.

How to Get Onboard With Us? / Get In Touch With Us / How to Join? / How to Apply? (Internship Application)

If you are interested to get onboard with us or any of your traits really suits us, send your resume at [email protected] / [email protected] OR you can reach us via phone call or whatsapp at 03-58782637 / 010-2000848.

For more details and information you can watch the video below, happy watching!!

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