Programming for Beginners

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What should you know before start programming?

As a beginner who doesn’t know where to start if they want to be in the programming field, this is for you.

It is just a guidelines for you along with your journey. Let’s focus on what you should do:

  1. Pick a language you want to learn 
  2. Know what tools should be use.
  3. Focus on learning the basic things in programming.  
  4. Learn how to Google errors correctly – understand the errors
  5. Join online class and meetups/events.  
  6. Build your first projects

In this video its explain basic structure for programming that you should learn first before getting into the real environment of coding. 

Let’s yourself questions this:

  1. What’s is variable?
  2. What’s is loop, array, 
  3. How conditions work?
  4. How many function use in programming?

Platforms where you can learn programming for a beginners:

  2. udemy
  3. codefinity (Python)
  4. coursera 

For more details and information you can watch the video below, happy watching!!

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