CIDB — a learning management system with a different point of view where user can enroll courses and programs that CIDB provide.

CIDB’s Blink System looks into a broad range of construction skill and advancement programmes. Contractors and construction personnel are encouraged to continuously upgrade and update their knowledge in construction as the industry has become more advanced with technology and innovation. The training offered would allow contractors and construction personnel to retain their competitive edge and employability. Hence, the propose of this system is to ease the process of the overall program.

Surin Marketplace

An Online Marketplace platform that includes everything you need to build a successful online business. Surin Academic Marketplace will benefit Surin international school students by educating them how to prepare for a successful entrepreneurial career. This platform intends to educate students how to acquire an entrepreneurship culture in order to prepare themselves for the real world of entrepreneurship.


Akma Spa is a beauty salon and spa mobile app that connects professional beauty experts and clients. It is easy to use and user-friendly that clients can book appointments, make payments online, etc. It helps beauty experts to manage and control their business.


An application to issue a compounds. For example, the mistake of a building is to make the house exceed the land it should be. There are acts and sections that have been implemented in the law. Then, it will be notified to the contractor involved or those who are responsible.

For the rest, there are also uses such as site visits, history reports, and issue details.

Cmos - Campaign Monitoring SyStem

CMOS is an election campaign monitoring system. This system allows users to log in, manage teams and even update reports.

The objective of this system is to enable users to store data in the system systematically. It also helps users to monitor reports more easily and also to update information systematically. The system allows users to manage relevant information such as elections, zones, parties, parliaments and so on.

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