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Who Are We

Incepted in 2020, Tarsoft Sdn Bhd is a leading development & design expert company providing superior software, web, mobile and creative designing solutions SDN BHD and services to companies globally.

Having a young and strong technology development and innovation center in Malaysia and with more than 50+ satisfied clients countrywide, raging from startups to across diverse industries.

Our Mission

Our focus, sound and innovative approach is derived from the cumulative experience of our team members and as a result of their combined practical business experience with strong technology delivery capabilities.

Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations in the form of value, quality and complete customer satisfactions.

What We Do

Our 5-D Process



Tarsoft Sdn Bhd is your complete source for information technology services. We offer a wide range and variety of products and services personally tailored to the ICT needs of our customers.



This is the part where our customers consult with our team on what services we provide. It can be ICT consultation, training, web and apps development, software and more.



Our team at Tarsoft developed a combined list of all the processes and material required to ensure projects run smoothly and accurately.



We gathered the best IT team that included IT and business unit personnel to review the data collected during the consultation with the clients and develop a realistic work plan to deploy our services.



Tarsoft Sdn Bhd committed to deliver the best and all-round ICT solutions and services with the best value for money for our clients needs as well as forge a long lasting relationship with our clients. We also prioritize ensuring high customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Us?

We create a well designed website that can build trust, communicate value, and guide users to the next step of the buying process. Making sure that our customers have a great user experience by the usability, aesthetic, interactivity, sound, design or value of the website.

Always available to solve your technical problems and inquiries.We provide contract support to your Information Systems personnel or department. Response times are usually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Certain server functions, such as mail and database, are manage-outsourced to us.

Performance is more than just finishing tasks on schedule and within budget. The only reason we devote time and resources to projects is to make a significant difference, have a specific impact, or achieve a specific result.

We work hard to ensure that our clients throughout the world feel supported and that their businesses run well on a daily basis. We hope our consumers adore our support team as much as we do, because we’re always hearing positive things about their work from satisfied customers, and we think that’s something worth bragging about.

We have a well-connected network, as well as highly qualified and specialised technical and support staff with years of experience and also a strong dedication to high-quality intra and interpersonal skills.

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